Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trus

We are committed to promoting a pro-active and inclusive approach to equality which supports and encourages an inclusive culture which values diversity.

The Trust is committed to:

  • Building a workforce which is valued and whose diversity reflects the community it serves, allowing the Trust to deliver the best possible healthcare service to the community.
  • Enable all staff to achieve their full potential in an environment characterised by dignity and mutual respect.
  • Design and provide services, implement policies and make decisions that meet the diverse needs of our patients and their carers, the general population we serve and our workforce, ensuring that none are placed at a disadvantage.

We therefore strive to ensure that in both employment and service provision no individual is discriminated against or treated less favourably by reason of age, disability, sex, pregnancy or maternity, marital status or civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or gender identity (Equality Act 2010).

To this support this we have an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy which includes our Equality Objectives, and an Equality Impact Assessment Policy and Procedure.

These Equality Objectives provide our structured approach on delivering our EDI legal and contractual duties, and our social responsibilities.

The large geographical areas which we cover have a vast range of protected characteristic but also have additional challenges, such as areas of deprivation and some signification rurality, both of which can present significant health inequalities. To understand our diverse communities we use the Equality Delivery System 2 framework.  This NHS engagement tool assists in identifying where EDI interventions may be required.

We report and have action plans against a number of Workforce Equality Standards which include the Gender Pay Gap (GPG) reporting, the Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES) and the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES).

Our current workforce profile can be found here

To ensure our leadership and workforce are have the right EDI skills and knowledge we provide a number of EDI educational packages such as development opportunities as part of our induction, cultural competence and unconscious bias, Trust Board development sessions and bespoke EDI courses.

We also have a number of Staff Equality Networks and promote different equality groups during the year.  Our developing Staff Equality Networks currently include a BAME network, Disability network and an LGBTQ+ network.  We are also an International nurses sub-group under development.

Our engagement events have included celebrating International Women’s Day, Black History Month, Disability History Month, Pride Month, religious events and various Health and Well-being events.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

EDI Objectives 2022 – 26 and Workforce Achievements

Hull Hospitals are committed to eliminating discrimination and becoming an organisation that is truly inclusive.  The Trust’s equality objectives 2022-26 are:

  • To work with our partners and stakeholders to improve health outcomes by developing a better understanding of the local variations in access to and experience of treatment by the Trust.
  • To build an inclusive, positive environment for all staff, free from discrimination.
  • To ensure our leaders have the capacity and capability to support, empower and enable staff.

EDI achievements – Action not words

BAME Representation on Hearing Panels – this initiative has been introduced to normalise BAME representation on formal employee relations panels.

Developed and launched a Zero Tolerance to Racism Framework and reporting tool that enables the Trust to adopt an Anti-Racist stance.  Racist and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. The Trust has established a “Circle Group” to analyse heat maps and individual reports of racism and triage for meaningful interventions agreed with reporters.  In addition the framework is used to challenge racism by patients and service users so that they are held to account for unacceptable interactions with our staff. Regular training to support staff to become ‘Upstanders’ and challenge discriminatory behaviour are offered.

Will be conducting a thorough review of the recruitment process through an EDI lens and introduce inclusive recruitment initiatives that will enable staff with protected characteristics to progress their careers on an equal basis.

Disabled Staff Network  have a formal input into infrastructure and estate development projects to ensure all our staff needs are understood and acted upon. Ensure EF&D colleagues actively use the Equality Impact Assessment process as part of capital and estate development projects.

Launching a Zero Tolerance to Disability Discrimination framework – Learn from the Zero Tolerance to Racism framework to inform the development of a similar framework for disabled staff.

Continue to encourage staff to complete/update personal information details relating to disability on ESR, through increasing disability confidence with the launch of the “Bridging the Gap” initiative to encourage and give psychological safety to staff with a disability to self-identify and update via ESR self-service.

Promote the Disability Staff Support Network through disability confidence campaigns – Strengthen the Staff Network leadership by establishing 2 new roles of Deputy Chairs of the Network and a Mental Health lead role.

The Trust Great Leaders programme has EDI embedded into all the programmes ensuring our managers have a strong awareness alongside developing the skills to be an inclusive leader.

Strong positive action Great Leaders programmes to support BAME colleagues including our Rising UP programme and the launch of the “WITH:Stand” leadership programme (positive action programme for Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff). Existing Trust leadership programmes are regularly advertised to the BAME Leadership Network, Disability Network and LGBTQ+ Network.

The Trust has a suite of mandatory training offers, for all those who are people managers within the Trust. These include EDI Essentials for leaders alongside the reintroduction of a revised Inclusive Recruitment and Selection training package.

Rainbow Badge – The Trust has been accepted on to the NHSE national phase 2 assessment for the Rainbow Badge accreditation.  The Trust is developing its inclusivity pledges and ensuring our EDI training focusses on transgender issues.

ESR Bridging the Gap Measure – Creating an inclusive environment within the Trust that enables people to feel confident to be open about their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Launching a Zero Tolerance to LGBTQ+ discrimination framework.  Finalising our reporting process via a QR code to capture and record incidents of LGBTQ+ discrimination. The network will also have a Circle group to have overview of specific incidents, heat map areas and to triage to understand and take action to eliminate discrimination.

The Trust has held successful BAME, Disabled and LGBTQ+ Staff conferences. Great speakers, discussions and action.  Conferences for 2023 already being planned.

Pride Recruitment Event – The Trust is proud to support Hull Pride every year and in 2023 we had a recruitment and careers stall to make people aware of career opportunities in the NHS as well as showcasing live current vacancies at the time

Launch an ‘Inclusivity Academy’ which will feature relevant workshops, e-learning, learning materials and resources that cover a range of protected characteristics that will be signposted to staff at all levels